Friday, September 17, 2010

happy eid

salam idilftri bloggers.
didoakan semuanyer sihat2 belaka.maklumlah nak raya.Biskur raya banyak ke yg buat atau yg beli?
Anak2 jgn main bunga api merb main bunga api atau mercun.Merbahaya tau.Air ais pun tak blh minum banyak2 sebab nanti batuk.Kan nanti sekolah dah nak buka.Jadi jaga jagalah kesihatan tu ye.
Apa2pun saya nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri maaf zahir batin.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

welcome ramadhan

hello bloggers.
let us welcome ramdhan the fasting month.A lot of miracles month and giveness within it.People who deeply fasting with full hearts will realised how much important this month is.We should grab any chances that we had within this month.
Days by days passed and fasting month heading to Syawal where all muslims will celebrating the 'eid.You'll see that we will missed Ramadhan and hoping to meet Ramdhan next year so that we still alive and pray for forgiveness.

So Salam Ramdhan...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

life running of time

hello all.
it has been a long time now i did not blogged seem my buzy life make me feel
awful.i can't ever touch my keyboard when i'm buzy.nothing can stop my daily rutine.
now i have a new job to that will be more buzy and ever.
life running of has been told in the al quran surah we have to appreciate every single time we'd spent in our life.
so, as usual my rutine is calling me now...chow!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

school holiday

hello bloggers.
wish you all happy life always.The school holiday just round the where will you all will spend the holidays although only 2 weeks.
Let us spend this holidays with precious and joyfull with the people we loved.It will make it meaningful in our life.
Have a wonderful holidays

Monday, May 17, 2010

to teachers with love..

Hello 2 all bloggers...
Goodevening 2 u all..
how r u been doing?
Its nice that we can celebrate Teacher's day.Especially those who still in school.Teacher's Day is a common word for us.but with that word it has a lot of meaning.Some thought that just a meaningless word.yeah.its nothing.but then,do u realisethat teachers has been
sacrifice to people just to make sure that all the people to be a good be a better one when we facing matter who we are,all of us went to school to get good,best or better education that we need.teachers used to be our mum when we in school.we must appreciate them no matter what way we like.
This special day will remind us all about teachers.Let us wish them Happy Teacher's Day.We love you...
Like the flower..the YTT flower...U R Yesterday Today Tomorrow....

Monday, April 19, 2010

long time no see

hello all my friends from all over the you all been doing.since this 2010 have a lot things happened.It was quite long time i never been facing my keyboard and my PC.There are a lots of things i've been through.although it was such hard time but i've been in good life for now.Allah is The Greater.
So i'm looking for more story about life nature to fullfill my page.Sooner or later i'll make it happen.And hopefully my blog page will be so beautiful as life should be....
See you time

Monday, September 14, 2009

The eid celebration

Hello everybody?
I'm sure every muslims are waiting for the eid celebration.You'll deserved it because within 4 days we're going to say goodbye to Ramadhan the fasting month.So sad we're going to say goodbye to Ramadhan Al Mubarak.We will missed the month till next year..if i'm still alive.
so,whatever it is,let us pray to Allah because of the fasting month,we still here and the Syawal Eid UlFitr is just around the corner.Let us take this opportunity to pray more seriously in this 5 days/nights before this month at the end of the road.This last 10 days/nights is more important and more generous night where Allah will give us special reward to someone.May be one of us.
Remember not to waste times,foods and anything during the eid celebration.And remember that bad things come from the setan/devil.The setan/devil will be free once Ramadhan end.The devil will be unchained.So remind yourself not to do anything that setan or devil likes to do.
I take this opportunity to wish all the muslims a HAPPY EID IDUL FITR.I would like to apologize to everyone that i hurt their feelings through my words nor their heart.Please forgive me.Thank you.Take care everybody.
Those children,please don't ever play with fire crackers.Don't let you lost your beautiful parts of your body.Allah took a long time to create us,please don't damage them.Love yourself and be happy to celebrate the eid.I love you and don't let your mum and dad feel sad on this eid,ok.